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Slotting Fee is a newsletter that highlights the most important CPG and retail news, allowing you to understand and capitalize on the latest industry trends.

The consumer goods industry is one of the most dynamic on earth. In the last three years, we’ve seen COVID, supply chain disruptions, emerging technologies, and consumer preferences transform the way CPG companies operate. It’s hard to keep track of the everyday changes transforming our industry while maintaining the bigger strategic picture.

Thankfully there’s some help: The Slotting Fee, a free CPG and Retail newsletter that highlights and captures the things you care about.

What you get with a CPG and Retail Newsletter

I gave my first executive sales presentation at 26. It was to the VP of a Fortune 100company. I can assure you that I had no idea what I was doing, which is why I have a healthy skepticism around corporate talking points. The general idea I explore through my writing is, “What is really happening?”

Said another way, I try to break down how American commerce functions in a way that both industry practitioners and the general public can understand.

My analysis focuses on the following:

  • How COVID-19 has shaped the strategies of retailers and CPG manufacturers
  • How consumer product companies are using analytics to deliver profitability
  • How corporate strategy flows into business operations
  • How government policy impacts both consumers and corporations
  • How the best companies are using specific tactics to deliver record-breaking revenue
  • How history impacts commerce today

Not convinced? 

Here's a few examples of what you'll get (for free)

CPG and Retail Company Analysis

Why did Dean Foods go Bankrupt? A Porter Model Analysis reveals the truth.
In November 2019, during an economic expansion, Dean Foods declared bankruptcy. The nation’s largest dairy company, with the number one white and chocolate milk brand, could not make money. In January 2020, Borden Dairy followed suit. Most post-mortems dealt with the fact that both companies produce…
Kraft Heinz Is Dying a Death by a Thousand Cost Cuts
How did things go so wrong for Kraft Heinz, one of the nation’s largest, most recognizable food companies that’s backed by one of the nation’s most beloved investors? In February, Kraft Heinz announced a 2.7% decline in net sales for 2019. This comes just one year

The Monthly Newsletter

Slotting Fee - August 2022
We’re looking at the pet food and energy drink market. Plus, anti-trust momentum slows in the Senate, and regulation reshapes retail (again).

The Slotting Fee

The business, politics and technology behind the things we buy every day.

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