About the Slotting Fee

Americans spend $5.5 trillion a year at retail stores, but the story behind what's on store shelves is hardly ever told. The Slotting Fee covers the business, politics, and technology behind the things we buy every day.

How the Slotting Fee Will Benefit You

I gave my first executive sales presentation at 26. It was to the VP of a Fortune 100 insurance company. I can assure you that I had no idea what I was doing, which is why I have a healthy skepticism around corporate talking points. The general idea I explore through my writing is, “What is really happening?”

Said another way, I try to break down how American commerce functions in a way that both industry practitioners and the general public can understand.

My analysis focuses on the following:

  • How COVID-19 has shaped the strategies of retailers and CPG manufacturers
  • How companies are using analytics to deliver profitability
  • How corporate strategy flows into business operations
  • How government policy impacts both consumers and corporations
  • How the best companies are using specific tactics to deliver record breaking revenue
  • How history impacts commerce today

About Me

I'm Eric. I spent seven years advising manufacturers on strategy and operations. Some of the projects were big: overseeing a $1.5 billion trade and direct marketing improvement strategy for a major confectionery company. Others were small: figuring out if a liquor company should buy or build a new pricing tool.

I’ve been writing about business, technology, and politics for over ten years. During the day, I work as the business journalist at More Perfect Union, a new media company dedicated to telling the stories of working people.

Now that I’ve transitioned to writing full time, I split my consumer goods and retail writing from more overt political content. The Slotting Fee covers everything about the CPG and Retail industry. It includes a monthly newsletter that has hundreds of subscribers across the business and political realm.

In addition to consumer goods, I spent some time working in the public sector. I once helped a country build out its financial services industry through partnerships.

The Slotting Fee

The business, politics and technology behind the things we buy every day.

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